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HENEK’s products are used at key pipeline terminals and loading racks for jet and diesel fuel as well as holding tanks for aviation across the Southern US. HENEK’s coalecers, separators, fullers earth, and particulate filters have always performed and passed necessary requirements to sell fuel and in a few cases we had to use their filters to bring our fuel in spec after batch receiving. That is when we decided to purchase a mobile duplex system from HENEK that would be used at any location that had off spec fuel. This equipment has performed to our expectations, along with their manufactured filters, and has been instrumental in saving our company over 500,000+ barrels of what would have been scrapped fuel. Their equipment paid for itself in record time by bringing the fuel back in spec, I would recommend HENEK’s filter and equipment to any company that is required to meet regulated specifications for fuel or oil.

James Robertson
Director Operations
South Texas Crude

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