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Customer Reviews

It is Purified Lubricants' immense pleasure to recommend the superior products and services offered by Henek manufacturing. Purified Lubricants has presented an onsite oil recycling service for over 24 years. With the assistance of Henek Manufacturing, Purified Lubricants is able to meet or exceed OEM specifications for ISO cleanliness.

Our company operates permanently mounted filtration equipment installed on 24-foot box trucks, which is able to process numerous grades of oil at our customer's location. We are able to reclaim severely contaminated oils back to virgin specifications with the use of Henek filter elements. Our company processes large volume accounts ranging from nuclear power plants to smaller injections molding facilities.

In our opinion, Henek Manufacturing rivals all competitors in superiority and excellence. The owner of Henek Manufacturing continues to excel at updating company technological advancements not only in filter elements, but also techniques in machinery lubrication protection. It is to our belief that Henek Manufacturing will continue to outperform all endeavors it faces in an era of never ending lubrication challenges. If there are any questions, which remain unclear to the ability that Henek Manufacturing possesses, please feel free to contact me personally at any time.

Rob Maloney
Vice President of Operations

Henek Manufacturing has a proven track record at our Houston Hobby Terminal for quality products, service, and reliability. We had to use Henek Manufacturing to keep our terminal running when our normal suppliers were shut down and unavailable. Henek showed true concern and helped our facility st rategically plan a filtering process without capital dollars. Through diligence and team effo rts, we achieved our goal by filtering Valero product through their manufactured filters. We look forward to doing business with Henek Manufacturing and recommend them as a competitive bidder on the bidders list.

Thank you for your consideration,
Valero LP Terminal Manager

"Quad Environmental Service, Inc. has been working with Henek for about 3 years. They are very reliable, competent and excellent at problem solving. Henek has been instrumental in providing technical support that led to developing and manufacturing some new filters that solved some major problems for some of Quad's customers.

Terri and her people manufacture quality products and provide consistent services that can be relied on day in and day out.

Chuck Goodner

HENEK’s products are used at key pipeline terminals and loading racks for jet and diesel fuel as well as holding tanks for aviation across the Southern US. HENEK’s coalecers, separators, fullers earth, and particulate filters have always performed and passed necessary requirements to sell fuel and in a few cases we had to use their filters to bring our fuel in spec after batch receiving. That is when we decided to purchase a mobile duplex system from HENEK that would be used at any location that had off spec fuel. This equipment has performed to our expectations, along with their manufactured filters, and has been instrumental in saving our company over 500,000+ barrels of what would have been scrapped fuel. Their equipment paid for itself in record time by bringing the fuel back in spec, I would recommend HENEK’s filter and equipment to any company that is required to meet regulated specifications for fuel or oil.

James Robertson
Director Operations
South Texas Crude

 September 23, 2014

To whom it may concern:

NuStar Energy in Alamogordo, NM has been using Henek Mfg., Inc. for filters for approximately three
years. I highly recommend anyone using Henek for their filtering needs, the cost of filters is cheaper
than the company that we previously used.
We have used a twin filter system that was purchased by NuStar in Colorado Springs and filtered 8,400
bbl. of offspec product through the twin filter unit with only changing out the PC filters in both units one
time. Since using the twin filter Alamogordo terminal has purchased an 1800 GPM filter unit from
Henek in March 2014. We are very happy with the services that have been provided by Henek.

Leland Bain
NuStar Energy
Alamogordo, NM 88310

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