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Liquid Filters

liquid filters

Cartridges available in hundreds of sizes to replace OEM nominal and absolute rated filters for Petro Chemical applications.

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Air Filters

air filters

Air intake filters for engine, compressors, vacuum and pumps, rated for nominal and absolute particulate retention.​

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Equipment & Rentals

equipment rentals

Oil Purification Systems designed to meet the needs of industry's ISO ratings through dehydration, degasification and filtration.

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Industrial Filtration Products

HENEK MANUFACTURING Inc. is dedicated to providing Quality Products and Service. Our 38 years of combined engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing experience is helpful when multiple levels of professionalism are required. Our exposure to many industries (Utilities, Chemical, Environmental, Instrumentation, PetroChem, Oil Reclamation) benefit each customer with innovation and pricing.

We offer a complete turnkey operation for Filtration with our manufactured filters and equipment.

 We have several machines that can produce pleated media with pleat heights from .250" to 4.00" and single lengths up to 44". Each filter is individually bagged to help reduce environmental contaminants and packaged to allow most any person to handle with ease. Our efficient service and friendliness help insure prompt deliveries and comforting communication.

 Our customer's orders are generally shipped the same day or the next day.

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