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Stainless Filter Wire Mesh

Fabric or synthetic fiber cartridges have temperature limitations. Henek's stainless steel filters replace low limit temperature filters with wire cloth elements that are good up to +1000°F, and they 

are unaffected by most caustic fluids and air streams.

Made entirely of 316 stainless steel, they are cleanable and 

reusable with a particle retention ratings as fine as 5 microns and as large as 2,487 micron.  The dutch and twill weaving provides a fine mesh filtering cloth. Shute wires are passed over and under two warp wires, providing a tight, fine filter with tapered openings. The weaving process allows for the use

of very fine wires, to micron size, producing filtering mesh for gas and liquid applications.  Our filter elements provide large pleated surfaces to increase dirt holding capacitie and are manufactured by welding or crimping; no silver brazing or epoxy.

Stainless mesh filters can be reused by cleaning them with a mild detergent, ultra sonic cleaning or steaming all provided by HENEK Manufacturing.



High Temperature Liquid Streams

High Temperature Air Streams



Clockspeed 100mhz

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