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Fuller's Earth Clay Filter

  • Fuller's Earth Clay Filter

HENEK's fuller's earth or clay media effectively removes color bodies, surfactants, water, free fatty acids, organic oxides, and other polar contaminants from a wide range of oils, liquids, and waxes.

For transformer oil the earth granules remove contaminants and moisture from used transformer oil to improve interfacial tension, dielectric strength, power factor, acid number, and color of the oil. Recycling extends useful life and reduces costs associated with disposal of spent oil.
For mineral oil the granuels remove color bodies, acids, and other by-products to meet specifications in the refining stage of the process and helps meet color specifications by removing color bodies.
For jet fuels the granuels removes polar compounds in jet fuel to assure it meets product specifications such as thermal stability, microseparometer and water reaction. Fuller's earth granules have a large, highly active surface area that absorbs oil soluble surfactants, organometallic compounds such as copper-complexes, and particulate matter that would jeopardize jet fuel specifications.


Insulating Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Seal oil

lubricating oil

Quench oil



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