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Econo-Vac Industrial Oil Purifiers (HEV Series)

  • Econo-Vac Industrial Oil Purifiers (HEV Series)

Our HENEK Econo-Vac purifies industrial oils that are contaminated with water, particulates and gases through a vacuum dehydration process and filtration to an ISO cleanliness level of 12/10/7 or better if required.

Known in the industry as the “Heavy Lifters” of water from oil, we designed the Econo-Vac for an economical budget without reducing performance. Our standard Econo-Vac is packaged with an on-board dry claw vacuum pump and air cooled vapor condensing system. This package offers companies without access to cooling water the opportunity to keep reservoirs clean and dry without consuming water, especially companies in states where water conservation is mandatory and costly.


  • Removes free, emulsified and dissolved water to <20ppm
  • Removes 100% of free or emulsified and 90%+ of dissolved gases
  • Optional post filter vessel accepts standard 36” filter; Beta1000 @ 99.99% <1
  • No hardware necessary for vacuum chamber elements
  • Simple controls for manual operation
  • NEMA 4 weatherproof electrical enclosure
  • Fully pre-piped, pre-wired, and factory wet tested for immediate installation
  • Flow schematic graphic panel
  • Hour Meter
  • Reliable standard vacuum source & air cooled condenser
  • Flow rates from 300GPH to 1800GPH (5 to 30GPM)
  • Typical operating vacuum pressure range during oil purification from 25 inches HG to 28 inches HG
  • Available in a variety of voltages
  • High oil level shutdown
  • Loss of flow alarm
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Foam detection (optional)
  • High oil temperature alarm
  • High condensate shutdown
  • Phase monitor with reversal switch
  • Dirty Filter Light (Optional)

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