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Lo-Vac Insulating Oil Purifiers (HLV Series)

  • Lo-Vac Insulating Oil Purifiers (HLV Series)

Our unique thermal vacuum assisted process safely purifies industrial oils which are contaminated with water, particulates, and gases. Henek’s Lo-Vac units will degas, dehydrate, and cleanse all types of lubricating and hydraulic oils quickly and easily to a safe operational standard reducing costly failures due to contaminated oil.

With the higher cost of oils and ever increasing environmental regulation/liability, and manpower constraints, it is no longer economical to replace your lubricating, turbine, and hydraulic oils when contamination occurs. Restoring these oils to their original strength through purification is more economical and most beneficial to “in service” machinery. Our HLV Series of Low Vacuum (LoVac) Oil Purification Systems are designed specifically to meet the operational, economical, and environmental needs for purifying lubricating oils.

HENEK’s Lo-Vac Systems can be used as stationary units or portable with casters. Systems also custom manufactured within a variety of trailer configurations to be completely portable or selfcontained.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes free, emulsified and dissolved water to less than 50ppm. Up to 2% single pass removal rate
  • Systems custom designed to meet your processing needs
  • ISO codes down to 12/10/7 per ISO 4406:1999
  • Simple controls for manual or automatic operation
  • NEMA 4 weatherproof or NEMA 7 explosion proof available
  • Modular design for easy monitoring and maintenance
  • Fully pre-piped, pre-wired, factory wet tested for immediate installation
  • Proven reliability backed by more than 82 years of combined design experience


  • Reliable, low maintenance “Water Miser” as standard vacuum source. Water cooled & air cooled condenser options
  • Flow rates from 30 GPH to 3,000 GPH (higher capacities upon request)
  • Optional vacuum pump capacity to 3,000 CFM (higher capacities upon request)
  • Typical operating vacuum pressure range during oil purification from 25 inches HG to 28 inches HG
  • Pre-filter and polishing filter options with a full range of heater capacities
  • Available in a variety of voltages to meet your specific operating requirements

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