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Turbine Oil Conditioners (HTC Series)

  • Turbine Oil Conditioners (HTC Series)

HENEK Fluid Purity Systems premier series of Turbine Oil Conditioners are designed and built to exceed your expectations in providing turbine oil cleanliness. With flow rates from 2 to 140 GPM, and variable flow rate models available we can manufacture a system to meet your specific needs.

Principle of operation:

The inlet pump draws oil into the system. The oil then enters a pre-filter vessel where solids are removed down to ᵝ6=1000 per ISO 16889. The oil then enters our Two-Stage Filter Separator Vessel and then flows through the coalescer element assembly where the water is coalesced as the oil passes. Solid contaminants are further retained by the filter medium and the water settles to the bottom of the filter above the deck plate. The oil then passes through the separator element where any remaining water is removed and water contamination is drained either manually or automatically. The dry oil exits the filter separator and passes through a post-filter vessel for final particulate removal. The HENEK Turbine Oil Conditioners are designed to provide complete turn over once every two hours, equal to a 50% turnover rate.


  • Bearing failure & forced outages—contaminated turbine oil
  • Slow oil flushes & transfers
  • Free & emulsified water contamination
  • Particulate contamination
  • High operating cost and maintenance
  • Sticky Servo valves


  • Fixed or variable flow rate 2 to 140 GPM
  • Free water removal to 25PPM, total water removal to <150 PPM, Turbine Oil at 200 SSU Max
  • Particulate removal with Beta 1000 ISO16889 rated elements
  • Low operating cost
  • Fully automatic operation

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