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Immersion Heater

  • Immersion Heater

PN:16-100123-1 16KW, 480V (Old PN:100123-1)

PN:16-100940-1 16KW, 575V (Old PN:100940)


Industrial oil immersion heaters are used for oil preheating.


The heaters are listed as having watt densities (W.P.S.I.) of 16-22 and have a maximum operating temperature of 550°F. The fin tube heater casings are extruded, finned, aluminum tubing. The longitudinal fins increase the surface area, thus lowering the watts per square inch and enabling a higher KW to be used in a shorter length. The coiled resistance heating elements are inserted into ceramic cores. Powdered refractory is used to fill intervening spaces to readily transmit heat to the aluminum casing.


Standard Heater PN: 16-100123-1

Overall Length: 58- 15/16”
Immersion Length: 52”
Below image of the flange:


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